Parent Education

Open Gate parents parents attend one evening parenting classes each month, generally at Open Gate from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. Your child’s teacher leads your parent education, and together with your classmates you’ll learn about child development, parenting strategies, and educational approaches, looking to the children in the class to provide real-world examples and help you learn. Plus, you’ll laugh a lot, get support for the challenges of parenting young children, and make friends for life!

We also occasionally offer guest speakers and experts who bring new perspectives and varied expertise.

Our teachers are extremely committed to making parent education a useful, engaging experience you’ll look forward to attending. In addition to their work as teachers for our children, they are committed adult educators.

New or prospective Open Gators sometimes worry that the parent education commitment will be difficult to fulfill. But parents come to see “night class,” as we call it, as great resource and source of support and guidance. For many, it feels like a night out with friends engaging in helpful conversation about our lives as parents, spouses, and community members. We also socialize over a snack! Here are few thoughts from parents:

“In addition to the growth my son has shown over the past year, I have grown in my abilities as a parent. I am amazed at the knowledge base our teacher possesses and the way she teaches me as a parent to help my son succeed.”

“The night class meets once a month and provides such great insight into raising productive, self-assured children. I have learned so much and feel a confidence in my parenting that I did not possess before starting Open Gate.”

“The skills you, and your child, learn here will help you your whole life.”

“Parental education nights have been very influential for us, and the guest speakers and special events have been inspiring and delightful.”

“Open Gate is not just a school for the children; it’s a school for the parents too, learning from each other as they work in the classroom. This is a great place to connect with other parents and grow together with your child!”

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