“As parents, we learned parenting skills and patience, we got to know the families of the students, developed lasting friendships and now understand that it does take a village to raise a family. And most importantly, our children thrived under the loving watch of our school community.”

“The teachers do an incredible job of providing thoughtful art projects, great dramatic play ideas in the block room as well as fantastic outside play activities and gross motor challenges in the block room.”

“My child loves the school and all of the activities! Everything has been fantastic so far with the curriculum.”

“My child had a spurt of intellectual growth after joining Open Gate. A joy to watch and am so grateful for the stimulation and excitement gained each time he goes to class.”

“The teachers provide such a safe, open forum [in parent education] for us to talk about our parenting struggles and triumphs, and their wonderful guidance and advice has made me such a better parent.”

“It’s quite empowering to realize you can step in to work as a parent in a positive way with other people’s children.”

“I love spending the time with my child at school and being an active part of her learning.   It is also a great way to practice some of the strategies we are learning about at night class.”

“Our experience with the nursery at Open Gate has been wonderful.  I felt so comfortable having my younger son right on site while I was working in my older son’s class.”

“I can easily say that sending our two children to Open Gate for nursery school has been one of the most worthwhile activities that we have chosen to do as a family. We all benefited in so many ways.”